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Catch rising gospel star Isabel Davis at Jazz Fest 2018

By admin / Published on Saturday, 05 May 2018 08:02 AM / No Comments

The Lord works in mysterious ways, including via video. Rising gospel music star Isabel Davis said it’s incredible that more than 3.5 million YouTube viewers have clicked on her heartfelt hymn “The Call” since it was posted a year ago.

“It blew our minds,” she said. “We were like, Whaaaat?”

The video, shot in a recording studio without props or special effects, is understated, though Davis’ impassioned performance is anything but. “Almighty God, we need you right now,” Davis pleas at a microphone stand, grasping the air with her fingertips. “Reveal your glory and pour your spirit out.”

The message and the messenger are magnetic. So much so that the song was nominated for six Stellar Awards (think Gospel Grammys) in 2017. Davis won the award for Best New Artist of the Year.

In conversation, Davis, 36, is reverent about her devotion to the church, but entirely irreverent about herself.

“As a kid, I had a drug problem,” she said laughing. “My parents drug me to church on Sunday and Wednesday and all the time.”

Bishop Love, a renowned gospel singer in his own right, recognized that Davis’ musical talent should probably expand beyond the church walls. He advised her that “it was time to step out, time to get in the studio,” she recalls. “It was all about gifting God’s people through song.”

So, in 2013 Davis began sculpting herself as a solo vocalist. “I was coming to understand my style and getting to know the songs I was supposed to do,” she said.

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