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The online, free music channel. Download the free Mobile App from your App store. Available on ALEXA & Google Assistant via the TuneIn Radio service.
Our Programming :
This is introducing the 24/7 online, “All Music” channel featuring the finest and best, curated playlists of the New World genre called  THE ALFRESCO BEATS  – which is actually colloquial and an Afrocentric take on the true JAZZ art and expression.
The History of Our Station :
The Alfresco Radio is a Non-profits & non-Activism Charity internet radio and a concept of the ALFRESCO BEATS Project. It is a “Pay-Back” Initiative to the good people of the United Kingdom and in the diaspora – with a view to foster a happy and joyful  coexistence among peoples universally, especially, through the arts and media.
Reviews on the music we air  :
“FRESH! …..” – Jwan Lewis, BPA Media Group (Gospel, R&B, Soul, Pop, Rap).
“Creative, unique and a little funky” – Alexander Johnston, CEO & Producer, CMI Music Group International.
“Jazzy instrumentals for breezy days” – Terry Tschaekofske, Music Executive & Producer.
“Jazzy, totally infectious and cool beat. Lush instrumentals with a fast-paced and appealing sound ………
It’s engaging and pulls you in while staying true to its Jazz roots. Wonderful!” – Culled from the “Crowd Reviews” at ReverbNation.
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